Course Listing

Spring 2015 (current):
SOC 106 Intro to Social Work
SOC 323 Social Theory
ART 130 Sculpture I
GLA 214 Japanese Manga and Anime
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II
Fall 2014:
SOC 226 Community Service in NYC  A
PSY 302 Child Psychology  A
HIS 218 Nonviolent Activism in Modern Asia (honors course)  AH
ANT 108 Global Culture & Local Identities  A-
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I  A
Spring 2014:
ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology  A
ANT 247 Principles of Forensic Anthropology  A
PJS 203 Nonviolence: Theory & Practice  A
SOC 230 Crime and Social Justice  A
SOC 380 Social Research Methods  A
Fall 2013:
SOC 102 Introduction to Sociology  A
SOC 112 Race and Ethnicity in Cities  A
SOC 114 Criminology  A-
ENG 201 Writing in the Disciplines  A
HIS 217 Modern East Asia in Film  A
Spring 2013:
MAT 117 Elementary Statistics  A
COM 200 Public Speaking  A
CIT 211 Introduction to Computer Systems  A
SPA 280 Intensive Review of Spanish  A
MAR 250 Principles of Marketing  A-
Fall 2012:
SPA 102 Elementary College Spanish II  A
MAT 104 Finite Mathematics  A
TCH 201 Education I: Understanding Schools  A
BUS 150 Contemporary Business Practice  A-
COM 114 Introduction to Mass Media  A-
INT 197H Exploring Majors & Careers  P
Spring 2012:
PHI 110 Philosophical Problems  A
PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology  A
ENG 120 Critical Writing  A
WS 215 Introduction to Women’s Studies  A
ANT 214 Latino Families in Cross-Cult  B+
Fall 2011:
CHE 111 General Chemistry I  A
MAT 103 Algebra  A
ENG 110 Composition  A
CIS 101 Computers & Social Responsibility  A
UNV 101 First-Year Seminar University Community  P

Writing Enhanced Courses

Writing Enhanced Courses are provided by Pace University to help students better learn course content through writing, while developing and practicing competent communication skills for success in the professional world.

My Writing Enhanced Courses:

TCH 201 – Education I: Understanding Schools            A

PSJ 203 – Nonviolence: Theory and Practice            A


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